Family Supports

family_supports Being a parent may be one of the hardest jobs you’ll ever have, but you don’t have to go it alone. There are Family Centers located throughout the County offering free activities for kids, classes, and events for parents and even support for dads. And if you can’t get to them, they’ll come to you! A Family Center outreach worker will find a convenient place—your home or a local library or park—for you to meet and talk.  

Local Resources

Family Centers

Check out one of the 27 community hubs throughout Allegheny County where you and your child can participate in a variety of programs, access resources and connect with other children and caregivers.

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Texting Support

Enroll with the free Nurture® Program to interact with a trained volunteer mentor who will support you as you nurture your baby, all through texting.

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Programs for Dads

Fathers have a special place in their children’s lives. We have programs designed to focus on you and your experiences.

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Home Visiting

Would you prefer the comfort of having support and services right in your home or another convenient place you choose? Free home visits are available from the time you’re pregnant to when your child goes to kindergarten.

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Peer Support

Parenting isn’t always easy but talking with other parents can really help. From Facebook groups like Brown Mamas & Single Mom's Defined to Kids+ Pediatrics meetups you can find a variety of ways to connect.

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Immigrant Services

Culturally and linguistically appropriate service coordination to immigrants and internationals in Allegheny County.

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Grieving Families

Grief and bereavement support provide compassionate guidance, counseling, and community for individuals and families navigating the profound challenges of loss.

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Neighborhood Legal Services

NLS offers various levels of service on different legal issues. Some individuals may receive representation, others legal advice, and others referrals to available resources on things such as custody, divorce, child support, housing and more!

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Teen Support

Teen support programs provide guidance, mentorship, and resources to adolescents, nurturing personal growth, resilience, and the development of self-sufficient adults.

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Financial Empowerment Center

FEC provides free, one-on-one professional counseling assistance with money management, budgeting, reducing debt, establishing and improving credit, connecting to safe and affordable banking services, building savings, and more!

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