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Soothing a Crying Baby

Healthy babies cry a lot in their first 5 months. Sometimes they cry to tell you something; sometimes there is no obvious reason. Some babies cry for a couple of hours but sometimes your baby might cry for as long as 6 hours. So what should you do when your baby won’t stop crying?

First, try to figure out the reason for the crying. If nothing seems to be wrong, and you’ve checked with baby’s doctor to be sure it’s not a medical problem, you might just have a baby who cries a lot.

Crying won’t hurt your baby, but it can be really hard on parents. It’s important that you find a way to stay calm. If you can, ask someone that you trust to watch baby for a short time. If all else fails, put your baby in an empty crib or playpen and walk away for a few minutes.

Video clips of calming techniques


Colic Hold

Creating White Noise


Walking and Talking

A Quiet Place

Safe Place-Walk Away

Tips for Other Caregivers