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Promoting Development, Learning, & School Success

Local studies, The Pittsburgh Study, Parents Promoting Early Learning, Newborn Pittsburgh ADHD Risk in Infancy Study, and Preterm Connect are working to identify factors that lead to healthy development, early learning, and success in school. All are looking for families to participate.

The Pittsburgh Study

The Pittsburgh Study, which began enrolling children in 2019, is a long-term study designed to find the best ways to give children the support they need to develop appropriately and graduate from high school on time. Children of any age, birth through high school, can enroll in the study, which will ask about children’s health, school, environment and family. Parents and caregivers will also be asked about their health and experiences, and information will be collected from health and other records.

The study is run by Children’s Hospital and the University of Pittsburgh, which are partnering with community organizations and institutions to design and provide input to the study. Children can enroll at any age. Learn more by contacting Marcela Souza at 412-692-8026  or

Parents Promoting Early Learning (PPEL)

Parents Promoting Early Learning (PPEL) study focuses on how the home learning environment supports early childhood learning. The hope is to better understand how characteristics of children’s daily lives and family activities in the home relate to early learning from ages 2-5.

What does the study involve?

  • 2-3 short Zoom calls which you can complete from the comfort of your own home (Laptop and Wi-Fi available upon request)
  • Two phone interviews during which we will ask you about your activities on a given day
  • One online questionnaire
  • A one-year follow-up with more assessments for your child and more surveys for you
  • Compensation will be provided

Learn more via email, phone 412-204-6845  Monday – Friday: 9-5, or using the PPEL online form.

Newborn Pittsburgh ADHD Risk in Infancy Study

Newborn Pittsburgh ADHD Risk in Infancy Study (NewPARIS) is currently seeking expecting parents to help learn how attention develops in infants born to parents with and without attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. As part of the study, you will receive a psychiatric evaluation and your infant will receive two neurodevelopmental examinations. Participants are compensated for study participation.  For more information about the NewPARIS study, please fill out the contact form call or text 412-420-8309  or send an email to

Preterm Connect

Preterm Connect, an app and research study designed by Stanford University’s Center for Policy, Outcomes and Prevention, allows mothers to engage in a virtual community, message privately with each other, and access information about pre- and post-pregnancy health. Moms can also access real-time data about their own and their baby’s health. The data collected through the app will be used to improve predictive tools and services that have the potential to reduce preterm births in high-risk populations as well as infant mortality and morbidity.