Well Child Visits and Immunizations

Well Child Visits

Your baby will go to the doctor frequently in the first year of life. Sometimes, you’ll go to the pediatrician because your baby is sick, or you suspect that something is wrong. But well child visits are different. They are regularly scheduled times, once a month for infants, during which the doctor will take note of baby’s growth and development using he American Academy of Pediatricians’ recommended schedule of screenings and assessments.  This is also a time to discuss any issues that you or the doctor might be concerned about, and give baby any scheduled immunizations (vaccinations). These visits will decrease as your child gets older, first to every three months and eventually to once a year.


It’s perfectly normal to have questions about vaccinations. There is a lot of confusing information available, but the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatricians agree on their importance. They help your child’s immune system develop immunity to 14 infectious diseases. Explore the useful guide below so you can be prepared on the recommended vaccines your child will receive from infancy through your child’s sixth birth. Below you can also check out Baby Jack’s Journey on how they work and what to expect when you child is vaccinated. Explore further by checking out CDC’s Vaccines for Your Children page.

2022 Recommended Immunizations

Vaccines and Your Baby’s Immune System

What to expect when your child is vaccinated

Still have questions?

It is completely normal to still have questions about the shots your child will receive. The CDC can provide you with answers to common questions about vaccinations.

Finding a Pediatrician

What Makes a Good Pediatrician? How do you pick the right doctor for you and your child?  If you are asking yourself these questions this infographic may be able to provide you with some answers.  Here you will find key characteristics to look for when looking for a pediatrician.

Anatomy of a Good Pediatrician