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Transportation to Appointments

Allegheny County has transportation services that can help you get to your doctor appointments and other important appointments. Some have eligibility requirements so be sure to check.

Medical Assistance Transportation Program provides free rides to and from non-emergency medical appointments for anyone on Medical Assistance.

Mobile Moms is a bus service for pregnant women, run by Travelers Aid, that will take you to medical appointments related to your pregnancy. There are no income requirements or charges for this service. Learn more about Mobile Moms by watching the video below.

Travelers Aid’s ICU Baby Program provides bus tickets or Get Go gas cards to parents with an infant in an Allegheny County hospital NICU.  Any parent in need can qualify for the program.

Trips for Tots, another Travelers Aid program, can provide bus tickets or zTrip vouchers for well-baby, immunization or sick child doctor’s visits until your newborn is 18 months old.