Car Safety

Use the car seat finder to find the right car seat based on your child’s birth date, height, and weight. Once you have your new car seat, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration can guide you through finding the right car seat for your child, installation and connect you to a local car seat inspection place to have it inspected for proper installation.  As your child grows, they will use different types of car seats and be positioned rear or forward facing.  This video explains at what age and when it is appropriate to make those changes.

If You’re Pregnant

And make sure that you are also wearing your seat belts and following seat belt recommendations for pregnant drivers and passengers – your baby needs you to arrive safely, too!

Local Resource

It’s up to you to make sure that your baby is safe when riding in a car. The Allegheny County Health Department’s Traffic Safety Education Project provides information on everything from car seat and booster seat checks to pedestrian safety. Information is available to help you avoid unintentionally putting your baby at risk because of an incorrectly positioned car seat.